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After moving to a new house, chosen as per Vasthu, we often face questions like – Will I become a millionaire? Will this make me the luckiest man? Can I live longer? Will I never face failure ever again? – The answer is a clear “NO”.

Following Vasthu principles will improve the quality of your life and help you lead a peaceful life. The acceleration from vasthu energy helps our body function in the best possible way, resulting in work without any strain.

So how does it actually happen? Vasthu brings in the great energies of our MOTHER NATURE into your house without hindrance. It creates a positive atmosphere in one’s house, creating a strong barrier for all bad energies to enter your house and rule over your well being.

Vasthu Energy is an invisible form a magnetic wave which influences people. A good vibration protects people from choosing wrong paths and following unsuccessful ideas and suggestions.

Vasthu is an Umbrella:

Imagine you are walking in a hot sunny day or a rainy day. The heat or cold energy impacts you, makes you tired and you lose all your energies you restored to fulfill your target for that day. Vasthu, like an Umbrella shelters you from the nature to a certain extent so that you can fulfill your goals peacefully and comfortably.

Vasthu is a Road Map:

Following a good road map makes your travel easy and comfortable, isn’t it? Vasthu is the road Map for your life. Consulting a Vasthu Expert’s may change in your life and your future can be prosperous and less stressful.

Vasthu Vibration is like a garment which surrounds a person and paves the way to one’s success.


The firm is founded by the young and passionate entrepreneur Vedant Kulkarni, who happens to be a sixth generation expert in Vasthu Shastra. He hails from a family of renowned Vasthu experts who are inspired by Mayamatam – the treatise of housing architecture passed on by the Mayasuras.

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