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The Origin on Vasthu – Story of Vastupurush in the Matsya Purana by Mayamatam

In the Vedic period there once lived a demon called Andhakasura, who killed sages and seers. Lord Shiva had to fight the demon to protect the world. He killed him after a long war, continued for years. While fighting with the demon, Lord Shiva was very much tired and began to sweat profusely.

When the sweat fell down on the earth, a child was born from the drops of Shiva’s sweat. This child looked very cruel and horrifying, and consumed all the blood from the body of the demon Andhakasura. But his hunger did not satiate and he began to grow steadily, eating all that came near his mouth.

He occupied almost entire surface of the earth, killing all the inhabitants and destroying the nature. All the Five Elements of the galaxy namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Sky suffered by the growth of this child as it impacted their functions.

This terrified even the Gods in heaven and they grouped together to plan to kill the child. They attacked the child from all sides, laid it face down and sat on different parts of his body to press him inside the earth. Being bound like that, the child lay submerged (buried). In order to mollify the child the Gods bestowed the child with a boon that: ‘Hence forth you will be known as ‘VASTUPURUSHA’ or ‘VASTHUDEVTA’. You will occupy any piece of earth with boundaries made on four sides. The people will offer you prayers and worship you. You can curse or favour the people who own or occupies any place of earth. If they make you feel happy and comfort as you lay down on the earth you may favour them with boons. If not you are allowed to curse and make them suffer.’

This make the kid Vastu Purusha quite satisfied. And since then the worship of Vastu-Purusha has become a practice and it is mandatory to follow certain rules so as to make the Vastu Purush happy and comfortable.

The Almighty ordered the Gods of heaven, who sat at key positions over the child, to safe guard the child and protect him from the people.

Everyone who prays and adopts the rules of Vasthu Shastra shall live on the earth having sound health and wealth, happy family, high reputation in society and most importantly mental and spiritual peace without any disturbance and trouble.


The firm is founded by the young and passionate entrepreneur Vedant Kulkarni, who happens to be a sixth generation expert in Vasthu Shastra. He hails from a family of renowned Vasthu experts who are inspired by Mayamatam – the treatise of housing architecture passed on by the Mayasuras.

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