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What other place could bring more joy and comfort than a dwelling called “Home” ?  Here is where our stories begin and end. We aim to create environments that are soothing, tranquil and make the daily stresses of life ebb away. It is also essential that your space garners visual interest of your visitors and every element in expresses your personality.

The essence of tasteful interiors lies in stunning colour schemes and exquisite furniture pieces. While creating interior designs for a house, we always keep in mind that every area within a house has a distinct function and character of its own – whether it is the bedroom, the living room, terrace, the kids’ room, the kitchen, the bathrooms or the dining areas. Our experts carefully assess your styling and furnishing requirements and also create individualistic design concepts for every member of your family. Starting from the furniture and material finish to lighting, plumbing fixtures and artefacts- each and every component is selected after ensuring that it is in compliance with the interior design theme that has been curated for you.  Our residential design experts in Mumbai, ensure smart design techniques that create a perception of width and expanse in the compact residential spaces in the metro. We strive to create a fine blend of comfort and luxury and promise the most beautiful and lively urban space.

With profound knowledge of Vasthu Shastra and architectural wisdom, we create floor plans and interior designs for a beautiful, healthy and harmonious domestic environment. From decor modifications to preferable directions, we offer holistic solutions for your residence.

Home is where the heart is and hence our aim is to enrich your lives from it’s very core.

The firm is founded by the young and passionate entrepreneur Vedant Kulkarni, who happens to be a sixth generation expert in Vasthu Shastra. He hails from a family of renowned Vasthu experts who are inspired by Mayamatam – the treatise of housing architecture passed on by the Mayasuras.

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