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For an entrepreneur an office is not just a roof where (s)he brings the best talent together. It is a nebula of dreams! Ideas are on a rage and everyday you want to bring out the best in yourself and your co-workers. In a congested metro like Mumbai, a real estate owner would like to use every inch of the space available and that can create a lot of clutter. Aspects such as design, layout, space arrangement and spatial geometry should synchronise and strike the perfect balance. A fine blend of colours, ample light and doors facing the right direction are few things that welcome optimism and better business in your workspace.

Beyond the common goals like increased productivity, great interpersonal relationships and optimum success, an ideal workspace should possess a vibrant and nurturing ecosystem. Right from the entrance and reception desk of your office to your conference halls and work stations, every nook and cranny of your workspace should reflect the brand’s best self.

Thorough in-depth analysis and interactions with our clients our expert team of interior designers based in Mumbai, get a sense of the kind of experience you wish to deliver to your prospects, employees and stakeholders when they walk in to your office. More importantly, it should bring peace and prosperity in the life of every person who engages with it.  While Vasthu Shastra comprises of multiple traditional regulations and practices, our team is also well-versed with modern architecture and contemporary interior design for offices. Building a state-of-the art office with contemporary minimalism is our forte.

With decades of experience and clientele in Mumbai, we have closely worked with diverse brands and companies to reimagine the most striking corporate spaces.

With our planning and precision you can certainly attain more success and find more dreams tangled in your dreamcatcher everyday!

The firm is founded by the young and passionate entrepreneur Vedant Kulkarni, who happens to be a sixth generation expert in Vasthu Shastra. He hails from a family of renowned Vasthu experts who are inspired by Mayamatam – the treatise of housing architecture passed on by the Mayasuras.

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