Residential Design | Your Place in The World

What other place could bring more joy and comfort than a dwelling called “Home” ? Here is where our stories begin and end. We aim to create environments that are soothing, tranquil and make the daily stresses of life ebb away.It is also essential that your space garners visual interest of your visitors and every element

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Office Design | Strengthen Your Pursuit

For an entrepreneur an office is not just a roof where (s)he brings the best talent together. It is a nebula of dreams! Ideas are on a rage and everyday you want to bring out the best in yourself and your co-workers.In a congested metro like Mumbai, a real estate owner would like to use every inch of the space available

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Hospitality Design | Building a Home Away from Home

In the past decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the hospitality sector and more than a place to retire during a journey, they have become destinations in their own right.A deluxe suite can now be a place to socialize, hold important meetings or just an avenue to go unplugged and unwind after months of hard work.

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Commercial Design | Recreating Your Brand’s Best Self

Aesthetics and charming interiors are no longer limited to chic households and lavish offices. To gain consumer interest and deliver an efficient shopping experience, retailers also strive to give a quintessential touch to their store’s interiors.From the humble general stores and tailor’s rustic desks,the 21-st century

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The firm is founded by the young and passionate entrepreneur Vedant Kulkarni, who happens to be a sixth generation expert in Vasthu Shastra. He hails from a family of renowned Vasthu experts who are inspired by Mayamatam – the treatise of housing architecture passed on by the Mayasuras.

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